Explore the fundamentals of using the LINK Developer API.

With our API, your app can effortlessly handle crypto wallet creation, asset management, and address operations. It's REST-based, using resource-oriented URLs and HTTP status codes for error handling."


  • Authentication is managed through your secret key token or API key, which should be included in the Authorization header of every request. Kindly sign up for an account or reach out to us support @ [email protected] to help obtain your keys.
  • API requests must be made using HTTPS. Requests made over plain HTTP will fail. Additionally, authentication is required for all API requests. The Authorization header must be included in every request, unless otherwise specified. Failure to do so will result in an unauthorized response.

Account Mode

  • The account's mode and network are determined by the authorization keys being used. For interactions with the live environment, use keys set to LIVE mode. For testing purposes, use TEST keys. In production, use LIVE keys to enable account interaction with the live network.

API Keys

  • You can generate API Keys within your dashboard to authenticate your API Requests. These keys allow access to specific accounts and permissions, without granting admin privileges to your entire account.