Webhook Events

bridge.events.transaction_request.successfulThis event provides all information associated with every transaction request i.e On/Off Ramp
bridge.events.transaction_request.updatedThis event provides updates on the status of a transaction that is "Payment received, Completed or Failed".


Note: Transaction updates are provided only to live transactions, all test transactions carry an automatic status of completed.

Webhook Payload Structure

Every webhook payloads request made by Bitpowr follow the below basic structure:

event: describing the event
payload: An object containing the data associated with the event.

Sample webhook format

Below is a sample payload response of a webhook event that gets sent to your webhook URL.

// Sample webhook payload response
    "event": "bridge.events.transaction_request.successful",
    "payload": {
        "transaction_id": "645c329afc3ac414bf70f9a1",
        "business": {
            "business_id": "0847363729"
        "type": "Buy",
        "reference": "0984938271",
        "amount": 25639.55,
        "link_account_name": "Okemdinachi Nwaejie",
        "link_account_number": "8180789670",
        "link_bank_name": "Wema Bank",
        "account_number": "3338900202",
        "bank_name": "Providus Bank",
        "link_tag": "Link_eng",
        "network": "Avalanche",
        "wallet_address": "x.fie9383jEU8394jdnc",
        "date_created": "May 11, 2023"