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Integrations and Customizations.

  • Can I customize the coloring and visual design of the widget?
    Today we onlysupport a light color theme for our wodget.
  • Are LINKs Ramp fees customizable?
    Yes, integrators are able to modify fees. You will be able to add or discount fees for customers using your integration
  • Are there APIs available that we can use to build our own front end?
    Yes, LINK supports a Hybrid approach today (Widget & API). This requires a bit more heavy-lifting from you, so reach out to support if you encounter any roadblocks.
  • Can your integrations notify us when an order is completed?
    Yes. With they setup of webhooks from you bridge custom dashboard, you will receive in time notifications of transactions and monitor their status.


  • Is KYC required?
    The application of KYC is an optional functionality totally determined by the business. When creating a bridge dashboard account, we do ask if you would like LINK to KYC your user's. If "YES", then the KYC feature will be added to the widget automatically, if NOT then the business can handle the KYC of their user's.

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